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BarTender Software for Aerospace and Defense Marking and Labeling

"Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics."

Accurate tracking of parts and maintenance parts throughout the aerospace and defense supply chains enables compliance with regulatory requirements, improves safety, and provides protection against theft and counterfeit spares. But the nature of the aerospace supply chain creates a set of complexities that make traceability uniquely challenging.

Having the right labeling system in place— one that is secure, proven and reliable; that supports regulatory requirements such as ATA SPEC 2000; and that scales and adapts to evolving business practices — can be the difference between a successful labeling system that simplifies asset tracking and a complicated one that creates costs.

BarTender is the heart of your asset tracking solution

Deployed at suppliers, manufacturers, operators and defense departments across the globe, BarTender® is the secure and trusted labeling software that has become the global standard for aerospace and defense asset tracking.

Download the free 30-day BarTender Trial Edition to see for yourself or contact us to learn more.


BarTender’s Integration Builder provides seamless data integration with WMS and PLC systems like Oracle and SAP, enabling single source of truth data management crucial to efficient and reliable asset tracking.

Control and compliance

The centralized control in BarTender’s Enterprise Automation and Automation editions connects your business data with a wide variety of printers and marking devices — whether you have one device at a single site or thousands at suppliers’ sites around the world.  Even your suppliers can access your most current label formats and data with BarTender’s Print Portal, enabling label standardization throughout the supply chain.


Security features of the Enterprise Automation and Automation editions include complete audit trail capture, allowing you to respond quickly during a recall or event with pinpoint track and trace accuracy. Support for role-based permissions and label format encryption for robust protection across the supply chain.


Regulatory and production landscapes will continue to change and BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™ enable you to rapidly transform your designs, formats and processes — with centralized label management, edits can be rolled out across the globe instantaneously.

With the Enterprise Automation and Automation editions’ powerful, configurable serialization capabilities, BarTender enables asset tracking with pinpoint accuracy — and BarTender’s ability to increment across a network’s printers supports best-practice centralized serial number management.

BarTender includes over 400 preformatted, ready-to-use barcode components based on 59 different symbologies and 12 additional barcode standards, including SPEC 2000, MIL-STD-129P. RFID encoding of tag types including EPC Class 1, Gen2, ISO 18000-6b, ISO 15693, Tag-It, I-CODE, TagSys, My-d, Picotag and more, with support for all EPC data formats.

Download the free 30-day BarTender Trial Edition to see for yourself or contact us to learn more.

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